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National Youth Poetry Showcase

 Uplifting the voices of 16 - 25 year olds, developing their skills and celebrating their work.

Youth poetry facilitators are invited to accompany a group of their writers to the day-long event, where writers take part in workshops led by some of the most respected youth-poetry leaders in the country. The young people then perform their work in front of their peers and a live audience during the Showcase, either in groups or individually, in a non-competitive environment.

Founded in 2018, the event provides an opportunity to celebrate the work being done to empower young people through spoken word across the country, share good-practice amongst facilitators, build connections between writing communities nationally and expose younger writers to artists, styles and friends they would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise.


Workshops in 2019 were led by Joelle Taylor, Kat Francois, Bohdan Piasecki and Cecilia Knapp. Previous groups who have taken part include:

 - Young Identity (Manchester)

- Roundhouse Poetry Collective (London)

- SLAMbassadors (London)

- Beatfreeks (Birmingham)

- SLAMJAM (Lincolnshire)

- Freak Speak (Peterborough)

- Writers House (Peterborough)

- Globe Poets (London)

- WEM Writers Group (Nottingham & Derbyshire)


If you would like to bring a group of young poets to be part of the next National Youth Poetry Showcase, please get in touch.

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