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Our mission

Our work

We support 4 key groups through our programmes:


1 East Midlands youth facing barriers in accessing literature, ‘arts’ and education, through our Outreach Programme

2 Young writers, through our National Youth Poetry Showcase and Masterclass offer


3 Emerging university poets, through our UniSlam festival and Alumni Network


4 Mid-career poets, through our forthcoming retreat series


The UniSlam festival ties our various strands of work together and brings these 4 groups to one event as participants, audience members and facilitators.


Our aims

Through our programmes, we strive to:

- Provide national platforms for young voices to be heard

- Improve participants’ skills and provide them with meaningful opportunities to progress to the next stage of their process

- Develop Britain’s youth-poetry infrastructure, building connections between regional poetry communities

- Champion creativity as a crucial element of education

- Increase diversity within British literature

- Address the worrying lack of support that exists for mid-career artists who have aged-out of the ‘emerging’ stage

- Work against the pervasive ‘page vs. stage’ divide in British poetry between

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