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All teams in the Grand Finals will receive poetry book-bundles from our supporter organisations. The highest scoring team overall will win the UniSlam Champions 2019 title and trophy. They will also recieve a place at the Hammer & Tongue National Team-Slam Finals 2020, held at the Royal Albert Hall, and a group performance spot at Verve Poetry Festival 2019, on Saturday 16th February.

Only one team can score highest and there are many other talented teams and individuals taking part who deserve recognition. For this reason, we have prizes that are available to any team/individual in the competition and do not by default go to the team who score the highest in the Grand Finals. These prizes include:

The Verve Poetry Festival Individual Prize
The Verve Poetry Festival team will select one poet whose work stood out to them as bold, unique and important and invite them to perform at the ‘UniSlam presents’ event at Verve Poetry Festival supporting poetry legends and former UniSlam judges Roger Robinson, Debris Stevenson, Maria Ferguson and Dizraeli. The event will take place on Saturday 16th February, 8pm-10pm at the Birmingham Old Rep Theatre.

UniSlam Coaching Award
This programme of 5 intensive coaching sessions is designed to take poets’ work to the next level and will be awarded to a team whom the judges feel show strong potential and would benefit from such a programme.

This year we will sadly not be offering the CUPSI Prize, a trip to take part in the equivalent competition in America, which has been awarded to a team for the past 3 years. The coaching that accompanied this prize is still being offered through the UniSlam Coaching Award and instead of taking a team to the states, we will be bringing exciting artists from America to perform and facilitate workshops at UniSlam.

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