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We are excited to announce that the judges/workshop leaders for the 2020 year’s Grand Finals are  Caroline Bird, Rachel Long, Vanessa Kisuule, Bridget Minamore, Bridget Hart, Sierra DeMulder, Second City Poets and Romalyn Ante.


UniSlam has worked with some of the most celebrated and exciting voices in contemporary poetry to deliver the highest quality range of workshops, talks and masterclasses for our participants. These industry experts and professional artists also host and judge our slam rounds, giving quality feedback to our competing poets. Over the years, they have included the following:


Inua Ellams  –  Andrew McMillan  –  Jacob Sam-La Rose  –  Kayo Chingonyi  –  Hannah Silva  –  Joelle Taylor  –  Luke Kennard  –  Bridget Minamore  –  Aliyah Hasinah  –  Jenny Lindsay  –  Rachel McCrum  –  Vanessa Kisuule  –  Bohdan Piasecki  –  Yomi Sode  –  Maria Ferguson  –  Rob Auton  –  Roger Robinson  –  Jess Green  –  John Berkavitch  –  Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson  –  Aliyah Hasinah  –  Spoz  –  Liz Counsell  –  Amerah Saleh  –  Khadijah Ibrahiim  –  Laurie Bolger  –  Bridget Hart  –  Ben Norris  –  Erin Bolens  –  Sophia Walker  –  Gabriel Jones  –  Sophie-Louise Hyde  –  Akshay ‘Mr Shay’ Sharma

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